The Great Misophonic Orchestra


The Great Misophonic Orchestra show is going to be a one-night, twelve-member art project. The name brings to mind symphony orchestras, but the GMO is their antithesis – it is a project in which all the musicians are equally important, and there are no definite boundaries between the sections and the musicians. All the members of the GMO are equally important elements of the sound narrative for the Misophonic episode, and they will all have an influence on the sound environment of Szaniec Jezuicki. With musical instruments, electronica, human voices, the GMO will be joining forces to work on the misophonia phenomenon that is complex and ambiguous in terms of its relation to sound. Preparing the Misophonic episode, for four days, the members of the GMO will be working in the synagogue in Wrzeszcz.

The GMO will be: Joanna Bielawska – lyrics, vocals, guitar; Michał Jacaszek – electronica; Błażej Król – lyrics, vocals, guitar (feat. Iwona Król – keyboards); Felix Kubin – psychotronics; Dorota Masłowska – lyrics, vocals; Karolina Rec – cello, electronica, vocals; Raphael Rogiński – guitar; Kuba Staruszkiewicz – drums; Jacek Stromski – percussion; Mikołaj Trzaska – sax; Olo Walicki – double bass, bass, electronica, vocals; Natalia Zamilska – electronica.

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Curator _ Natalia Cyrzan
Production _ Natalia Cyrzan, Anna Jankowska
Editing, www _ Ola Halicka
Translation _ Juliusz Okuniewski
Graphic design _ Bang Bang Design
Webdev _ Łukasz Farysej, trustudio
Photographic documentation _ Dawid Linkowski, Art and Action Photography
Video documentation _ cameras: Jarosław Klechowicz, montage: Konrad Kulczyński

_Gdański Zarząd Nieruchomości Komunalnych and ‘Cruiseriders North’ association – for their permission to organise the Misophonia Episode at Szaniec Jezuicki.
_The Jewish community in Gdansk (Gmina Wyznaniowa Żydowska) – for their permission to use the new synagogue in Wrzeszcz for the rehearsals of the GMO.

Contact details_
City Culture Institute (Instytut Kultury Miejskiej): ul. Długi Targ 39/40, 80-830 Gdansk
For media: Marta Bednarska, e-mail: